Calcium For Bones & Testosterone

September 22, 2011

Most people associate calcium with bone health. But like almost any nutrient, it's bound to support numerous functions in the body. A study published in the journal Biological Trace Element Research compared testosterone levels in male athletes who weight trained for 4 weeks while supplementing with 35 mg of calcium per kg of body weight per day to subjects who trained but didn't supplement along with a control group of subjects who didn't do anything at all.

As you can probably guess, lifting weights boosted testosterone better than being inactive. The guys who hoisted plates and supplemented with calcium experienced the biggest boost in blood testosterone levels. How much calcium did they supplement with? A 200 pound subject would have gotten around 3 grams of calcium per day, which is about 3 times the recommended Daily Value. One Pure Pro 50 shake gets you a third of the way there with 100% of the DV for calcium. To see what else dairy consumption has to offer, visit today's Breaking News post at