Golden Opportunities For Iron Rich Foods

February 19, 2012

Iron deficiency can hold you back for attaining goals in the gym. To make sure you're getting enough iron in your diet, you'll want to include beneficial iron-rich food choices that don't get in the way of your physique goals. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Red Meat is very rich in iron. A lot of people stay away from red meat because of the high fat content. They gravitate to fish and chicken because of the lower levels of saturated fat. But red meat is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Even small amounts can increase your iron intake. Liver and oysters are also very high in iron.

Beans can be a great source of iron, depending on which variety you choose. White beans, black beans, black eye peas and lentils are the best. Keep in mind that beans contain an iron inhibitor called phytic acid. You can get around the absorption issue by consuming vitamin C with your meal.

Vegetables and Fruits typically don't contain enough iron to be considered good sources. Spinach is an exception. Red and green peppers along with broccoli are very good sources of Vitamin C for pairing with your beans. Eat healthy and train to meet your goals.

Natural Mr. Olympia
John Hansen