How Food & Activity Add & Subtract Body Weight

February 29, 2012

Ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly turned into a regular potato chip eater? According to the New England Journal of Medicine, you'd gain 1.7 pounds over a 4-year period. Sugary drinks add a pound and so does red meat. A study of 120,000 people found a general increase in weight of 3 pounds every 4 years, plus the previously mentioned diet choices.

Not all food choices were additions. Eating yogurt took 0.8 pounds off the projected total. Nuts reduced 0.6 pounds and whole grains took 0.4 pounds off the load. Regular exercise had the biggest reduction impact: 1.8 pounds. The biggest addition was watching TV, which packed on 0.3 pounds per hour per day! For some tips on weight loss teamwork, check today's Breaking News post at