How To Develop Rate Of Force Faster

October 17, 2013

Can power training also help quicken your rate of force development? As pointed out on today's Breaking News post at, it's a question that could help short-distance swimmers and track and field athletes get an edge on the competition. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine offers the following training routine for your consideration.

Nine volunteers signed on for a 6-week program involving isometric knee extensions which were performed with as much force as possible. Each rep was held for 5 second before subjects were allowed to relax for 15 seconds.

A total of 6 to 10 reps were performed within 2 minutes, and subjects were allowed to rest for 3 minutes between each of 3 sets. It's estimated that each rep produced 90% of maximal voluntary contraction. At the end of the program, this workout helped increase maximal voluntary contraction by 19% and rate of force development by about 25%.