Jump & Landing Program Helps Prevent ACL Injury

December 5, 2012

Playing the same sport at the same level, female athletes are 6 to 8 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than males. ScienceDaily.com reports that Dr. Patrick McCulloch of Houston's Methodist Center for Sports Medicine noticed a trend where women land from jumps with straight knees and kneecaps pointing inward which can stress the ACL. Men typically land with their feet wider apart and knees bent.

With these observations in mind, the doctor developed a 6-week training program that may reduce the threat of ALC tears by as much as 50% in female soccer players. The first 2 weeks are spent on jump landing and control. The next 2 weeks focus on single leg jump control and between jump transitions. The final 2 weeks put newly developed muscle memory to the test with a performance stage centered around explosiveness and speed. To see what traditional strength and power training can do for team sports jump performance, read today's Breaking News post at optimumnutrition.com