Losing Sleep Over Extra Calories

March 15, 2012

Sleep plays an important role in muscle recovery from intense training. So getting a solid duration of shuteye is important to one of your goals. Then there's the diet side of the equation. A news release from the American Heart Association suggests that getting just an hour and 20 minutes less than the typical 8 hours of sleep can contribute to the consumption of over 500 additional calories.

Researchers monitored the eating habits of 17 healthy young men and women. Half of these subjects got an average of 6 hours and 40 minutes of sleep for 8 nights in a row. The other half got about 8 hours. After tracking dietary habits, scientists found that sleep-deprived subjects ate approximately 549 calories a day more than the sound sleepers. They theorized increased leptin and decreased ghrelin levels contributed to overeating. Looks like making every night a late night can weigh heavily on your physique goals.