Mustard For Muscle Building?

October 3, 2011

Nutrition plays an important part in any effort to lean out while building muscle. Protein not only helps preserve muscle mass during dieting, the amino acids in protein serve as the foundation for rebuilding muscle bigger and stronger after training. As important as proteins are, a study published in the FASEB Journal suggests that components of certain garden vegetables might enhance muscle size, strength and performance too.

Researchers fed lab rats a diet of natural brassinosteroids found in plant foods including mustard. Not only did this diet increase protein synthesis, muscle mass and physical performance, it improved endurance and decreased protein degradation.

A serving or two of mustard greens probably won't provide enough brassinosteroids to realize significant results. But adding some to your salad wouldn't hurt! Keep in mind that there's no substitute for hard work in the gym followed by a protein shake. For an academic analysis of fiber's effect on weight loss, read today's Breaking News post at