New Take On Typical Ketogenic Diet

December 29, 2011

Research has shown that very low carbohydrate ketogenic diets can produce results, but compliance to this type of meal planning is low and the limits on carbohydrate energy can take something away from physical performance. A study published in the Nutrition Journal analyzed the effect of a modified low-carbohydrate diet on 106 employees of the city of Rome, Italy.

These subjects, aged 18 to 65, consumed a diet based on green vegetables, olive oil, fish and meat plus some high-quality proteins infused with herbal extracts. After 6 weeks, average weight loss was 15 pounds with an impressive 3.7 inch reduction in waist circumference and a 6.25% decrease in fat mass. Lipid, blood glucose and triglyceride profiles also improved. So don't be afraid to work some veggies into your cutting phase diet. For tips on which proteins work best for satiety, check out today's Breaking News post at