Planning Out A Squat Jump Routine

February 20, 2012

Interested in trying the leg day equivalent of Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen's bench press power training routine, which appeared on Saturday's installment of ABB's Performance Blog? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looked at recommendations for determining the optimal load and rep scheme when performing jump squats.

Scientists recruited 17 professional rugby players and had them perform jump squats with no countermovement, meaning they stood on solid ground instead of a countermovement platform. In addition to using no load, resistance was tested using 20% of back squat one rep max (1RM), 40% 1RM and 60% 1RM.

Researchers found significant differences in velocity and power between the 2nd and 6th reps. So to get the most out of your power phase, they recommended performing 6 reps of jump squats using 40% or less of your 1RM back squat, and limiting each set to 5 reps if you're going to use 60% of your back squat 1RM. This helps minimize fatigue so you can maintain power and velocity to the end. To see what countermovement jumping can do for shot put performance, see today's Breaking News post at