Preserving Your Strength On Cardio Day

November 6, 2012

If you like to get your cardiovascular conditioning in on top of a stationary bike before heading into the weight room, a study published in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness offers a tip for minimizing the temporary strength loss associated with high-intensity aerobic effort.

To measure the amount of strength you might lose after riding a stationary bike for half an hour, researchers determined the 10 rep max leg press strength and 10 maximal countermovement jump performance of 13 recreationally active men in their mid-20s. Then these subjects performed 4 trials of 30 minutes each at a pace of 50 or 100 RMP.

Pedaling at a pace of 100 RPM reduced leg strength by 26% while a pace half that intense (50 RPM) only reduced leg strength by 8%. If you want to stay fresh for a round of weight lifting after cardio, a moderate intensity might work best. Read today's Breaking News at for a combination cardio and resistance workout that builds muscle better than weight training alone.