Satiety Support For Your Cutting Phase

January 5, 2012

No matter how many times you've done it before, dieting down to your ideal physique is never easy. You're going to need every trick and tool at your disposal to get where you want to be by Springtime. A study published in the Nutritional Journal has a suggestion you can easily work into breakfast for afternoon satiety support.

Satiety is a feeling of fullness that helps you stay satisfied for longer. Researchers wanted to measure how long a breakfast that included milled or whole rye kernels compared to typical wheat bread products. They found significant differences between the rye and wheat products with the greatest afternoon satiety provided by rye kernels. Because rye is nutrient dense and offers lots of hunger-filling fiber, it might make a great alternative to oatmeal.

1 Slice Rye Bread
Calories 83
Protein 2.7 Grams
Carbs 15.5 Grams
Fiber 1.9 Grams
Fat 1 Gram

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