The Stronger The Smell The Smaller The Bite

July 16, 2013

Aroma has always been a big part of the eating experience. Studies have shown that if you're not sure about how a certain food will taste, you'll take a smaller bite to check it out. Smaller bites have also been linked to slower eating which promotes satiety, because your brain needs about 15 minutes to let you know you've had enough. New research published in the journal Flavour offers a bite-sized take on portion control.

By changing the way a custard dessert smelled, scientists from the Netherlands discovered they could control how much a subject scooped onto their spoon. It turned out that the stronger a custard smelled, the smaller bite a subject took. Researchers calculated that smell could account for a 5% to 10% reduction in the size of each bite. For tips on making reduced fat foods taste like full-fat fare, read today's Breaking News at