Timing Your Tapering For Competition

October 5, 2011

Does it matter what time of day you train if you're planning to taper for competition? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research attempts to answer this question with an analysis of 31 athletic men who performed 12 weeks of lower body resistance training before tapering for 2 weeks. Some subjects trained between 7 and 8AM, while others trained between 5 and 6PM.

After measuring subject performance on vertical jump, Wingate and maximal contractions, scientists discovered that a slight but significant performance advantage can be gained by training at the same time of day your event will be held. They theorized that training at the same time every day programs your body for optimal performance during that time period. If you sport is baseball, check out today's Breaking News post at Optimumnutrition.com for tips on increasing bat swing speed.