Try This Non-Stop Abs Workout

July 21, 2012

The abdominal area is important to everyone who cares about how they look. Men want that 6-pack to show off at the beach and women want a tight, toned midsection that looks good in any outfit. We all know diet plays a key role in getting rid of fat covering the stomach area, but what's a great workout for building abdominal muscle definition?

To increase the intensity of your abs training, try combining several exercises together. Perform 2, 3 or even 4 abdominal exercises together with no rest between the different exercises. Keep the reps relatively high and move quickly through the workout to sculpt, define and develop those abdominal muscles.

To put together a really effective abdominal workout, choose movements that work different areas of the abs. That way, you won't be training the same part of this muscle group repeatedly. Here's a good example of a non-stop abs workout:

* Hanging Knee Raises (lower abs)
* Crunches on Bench (upper abs)
* Twisting Incline Sit-Ups (upper abs and external obliques)
* Twisting Crunches (external obliques and serratus)

Three circuits at about 20-30 reps per exercise will get you going. Move quickly to increase the intensity. Don't rest between exercises, but give yourself about a minute to catch your breath between each circuit.

Natural Mr. Olympia
John Hansen